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"Hello, I'm a PC." But I don't want to be one anymore. If you asked me a year ago if I would ever switch to a Mac, my answer would've been an emphatic "no!" But things have changed. I've read the articles, I've visited the Cube on 5th Ave, and I even followed the liveblog of WWDC 2006. And my verdict? Macs are the wave of the future. There's no doubt about it.

I want to switch. You have no idea how badly. Unfortunately, I can't afford a Mac right now. Costs are high and funds are low. This is where you come in. If you can afford it, I ask that you please donate $1 to my cause. If 1100 visitors each donate $1, I can buy a MacBook. 1100 people isn't that many when you really think about it. Imagine how many people visit a popular site in a day. Please, help sponsor my switch.

In return for your $1, your name (or alias, if you prefer) will be added to the Philmacthropists list on the right. Also, if you email me after your donation with a link to you website, I will be more than happy to link you (free traffic for you!). I will also keep this page constantly updated with my our progress. And you can bet that after I get the MacBook, I will chronicle every single detail of my adaptation to and assimilation into the wonderful world of Apple.

Thank you very much. Your help is greatly appreciated. And if you can't spare a dollar, please keep on coming back anyway just to see how I'm doing. You can also tell your friends about me (especially the rich, apple-loving ones). Oh yes, if you're feeling especially generous, you may donate more than $1. But $1 is all I ask. Thanks again and see you soon!

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Reason to Switch #1: It just works.

For my first series of posts, we're going to go over's Apple's reasons to get a Mac. Today's reason #1:

Your toaster doesn’t crash. Your kitchen sink doesn’t crash. Why should your computer? Think of the countless hours you would save if your PC worked on your time — not the other way around. Then think about a Mac.

"It just works." So simple, yet so profound. What more do you need? I like how this is Apple's first reason to switch. There's no need to jump into technical features, pretty pictures, or products.

What is the first question every consumer asks when purchasing a product? "Will it do what I want it do?" Most of us want a computer to work. That's not too much to ask, is it? We want to be able to take a computer out of the box, start browsing the internet, listening to music and writing the great American novel.

We don't want to have to check the websites of every manufacturer of every piece of hardware inside this big, scary, complicated box of "gizmos" to make sure we have the updated versions of our "drivers." Last I checked, drivers drove cars--not computers. And one more reason to switch? The Blue Screen of Death.

Macs don't require such tedious setups and dangers. Just unpack it, turn it on, and get ready to change the world. That's why I want a Mac.

Tune in next time for our next installment: You can make amazing stuff.